Answers to the most frequently asked questions...

Q. Did you build this yourself?
A. Nope. Coaster Cycles in Montana makes our pedicabs, they are way better at it than us.

Q. How far can you go?
A. As far as you need to go. I'm comfortable pedaling long distances, and we have an hourly rate. So far we are undefeated, with a 100% delivery rate.

Q. How much did this thing cost?
A. I know you're curious, but would you ask a chef how much his stove cost or your Lyft driver what they paid for their car? 

Q.Is this your only job?
A. I'm certainly trying to make it so. I have some other bicycle related work that I do, as well as taking care of my family.

Q. Does this thing have a motor?
A. Yep. The pedicab has an electric assist motor that can be turned off and on. It doesn't make it easy, it just makes it so we can say "Yes!" to every ride.

Q. Can I pedal it?
A. Yes, for 25$ an hour you can pedal me around while I offer words of encouragement. It's a great workout. :)

Q. How many people fit in a cab?
A. There is a weight limit of 500lbs of passenger. That can look like five 100 pound, 10 year old children, or two large adults. Usually three adult size people fit nicely, if they're friends.

Q. Are you the only one doing this? 
A. This is the only pedicab service in Harrisonburg. You will begin to see more operators around town as we add more cabs to the fleet.

Q. Is it heavy/ hard to pedal?
A. The pedicab alone weighs around 150 lbs. A full load of passengers and operator moving down the road weighs about 800 lbs. All said and done, the machine pedals extremely well and is a ton of fun to ride.